WordPress Training

WordPress training for small business owners and individuals is now taking top priority in what my I will be doing in my business. As a web designer and someone who knows WordPress pretty well, I’m beginning to see ways that I can help small businesses take advantage of what WordPress has to offer.

WordPress is the best tool that I know of for getting found on the web today. It’s super search engine friendly, meaning I can post a new article now, and 10-15 minutes later you can find that new article on Google.  My pages get ranked so much higher and faster in the search engines than any other type of website I’ve worked on. And what’s really nice about it, is that I can teach others how to do it.

So I designed a series of training webinars that I’ll be hosting to teach people how to use WordPress as their web design software of choice. If you have been paying a webmaster to update your site, you really should take a look at the course I’ll be teaching. Once you learn this skill, no one can take it away. The WordPress tutorials that you will have access will take you from using tools of the trade for building websites, to customizing your website so that it has a unique look, specifically designed for your company. The tools that I use, are all FREE, so you will learn what they are, how to install them, and how to use them.

Take a look at my program, and if you decide to take control of your business by learning to build and maintain your own website, you will be set free from ever having to depend on someone else for this part of your business. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Click here to see the WordPress Training program in detail.

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