WordPress Plugins List – 100+ Popular Plugins

Okay, this is probably the best plugin (ScribeSEO) I’ve come across in a very long time. It with help you optimize you pages and posts within WordPress. It gives each page a score…like 63% out of 100%. Then it will give you detailed things you can do to improve your score and get it to 100%. Awesome plugin and very easy to use.
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Below is a list of WorPress Plugins that can come in handy when building your site.

This list is sortable by the plugin name…just click the little arrow next to “WordPress Plugin” to sort.

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WordPress Plugin Description
All in One SEO Pack

Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

WP-SpamFree Powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog!
DMSGuestbook DMSGuestbook is an easy configurable guestbook with a lot of features.
WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart A very easy to use plugin that allows you to sell products or services online in one click from your WordPress blog.
WP-Affiliate Easy affiliate link masking and more. Now Featuring: Commission Junction Search Capabilities! Click Tracking! Download It Now!
WP Security Scan Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities.
Admin Management Xtended Adds AJAX-driven options to some admin management pages with CMS-known functions like toggling post/page visibility without having to open the edit sc
Events Calendar Events-Calendar is a diverse replacement for the original calendar included with WordPress adding many useful functions to keep track of your events.
TDO Mini Forms This plugin allows you to add custom posting forms to your website that allows your readers (including non-registered) to submit posts.
Plugin Central Dashboard plugin update notification, update all plugins at once, move your plugins from one blog to another with plugin install. WordPress 2.5+ only
Add to Any Share/Save/Bookmark Button Helps readers share, save, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using any service, such as Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and over 100 more.
MobilePress MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets, with the ability to use customized themes.
Advanced Category Excluder The No.1 category manager, and content separator plugin to enable CMS like functionality, search engine optimization, and create real sub pages
Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Generates a fully customizable sitemap
WP-Cumulus A terrific flash based animated tag cloud called WP-Cumulus developed by Roy Tanck.
Dagon Design Secure Form Mailer WordPress version of my secure php form mailer script
Twitme This plugin allows you to automatically post your new posts on the twitter website.
MailPress Allows you to send beautiful emails with style ! Last release for WordPress 2.6.x
Exclude Pages from Navigation Provides a checkbox on the editing page which you can check to exclude pages from the primary navigation.
Google XML Sitemaps This plugin will generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.
Google Analytics for WordPress A free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.
Sociable Automatically add links on your posts, pages and RSS feed to your favorite social bookmarking sites.
One Click Plugin Updater Provides single-click plugin upgrades in WP 2.3 and up, visually marks plugins that have update notifications enabled, allows to easily install new plugins
Page Flip Image Gallery Flipping Book plugin helps you to create Image Gallery with Page Flip effects on your WordPress blog.
Codestyling Localization You can manage and edit all gettext translation files (*.po/*.mo) directly out of WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor.
WordPress PDA & iPhone This plugin helps the users to view your blog in a pda and iPhone browser. iphone is still in beta testing state. Soon more updates will follow.
Platinum SEO Pack Platinum SEO Plugin offers Complete onsite SEO solution for your WordPress blog.Platinum SEO Plugin offers all the functionalities of All In One SEO
Last.Fm Records This plugin shows cd covers for cds your listened to, according to last.fm. It can behave as a widget.
Interactive Video Plugin Easily add full interactive video capabilities to your blog.
Embedded Video Easy embedding of videos from lots of portals or local video files of many file formats with optional generation of a corresponding link.
All in One Video Pack Easily add full video capabilities to your blog.
Adminimize Visually compresses the administratrive header so that more admin page content can be initially seen. Also moves ‘Dashboard’ onto the main administrative menu
Add to Any Subscribe Button Helps readers subscribe to your blog using any feed reader or feed emailer.
WordPress Flickr Manager Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts.
WPlite WordPress, without the fat.
Quick Shop QuickShop has two shopping-cart widgets, automatically adds buttons to your posts, and includes a TinyMCE editor button.
WP YouTube WP YouTube now supports a profile editor, where you can set up different settings, but only one profile is needed for all your YouTube videos.
Flash Video Player The flash video plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (and other media) to a WordPress website using standards-compliant markup
Smartlinker Smartlinker is a toolbar on the WordPress TinyMCE editor that enables you to hyperlink words and phrases in your blog.
Featurific For WordPress An effortless but powerful interface to Featurific Free, the featured story slideshow. (Similar to the ‘featured’ widget on time.com, msn.com
Add Me Dichev Renders social bookmark buttons after the post. Bulgarian social networks are included too. For the full networks list see the plugin details.
Events Create a list with events/appointments/concerts/future happenings and show them on your site. Includes optional widget and advanced page options.
Category Page Use pages as category archive header, or list some posts from a category into a post/page.
All in One Adsense and YPN Automatically insert Google Adsense ads or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads in to your posts on the fly.
Emo Vote Encourage your users by letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather than voting.
Picturesurf Gallery Picturesurf Gallery allows you add an image gallery to your blog post in seconds.
RelatedPosts This WordPress plugin provides multiple options to show the via tags related posts of a post (for example via a sidebar widget).
ComicPress Manager ComicPress Manager ties in with the ComicPress theme to make managing your WordPress-hosted Webcomic easy and fast.
Plugin Manager View, download and install plugins from WordPress.org Plugin Database from an AJAX’ed interface with a single click of the mouse.
Easy Admin Color Schemes The Easy Admin Color Schemes plugin allows users to easily customize the colors of the administration interface for WordPress.
Category Icons The No. 1 plugin to assign icons to categories.
WP Page Numbers A simple paging navigation plugin for users and search engines. Instead of next and previous page it shows numbers and arrows. Settings available.
Yawasp – Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin To block Spambots this Plugin replaces the names of the default comment form fields with random names.
XmasB Quotes Add random quotes with image to your WordPress blog with this widget.
WP-SimpleViewer Add SimpleViewer Flash image galleries to your posts and pages. Easy to use and several options to make it fit your needs.
BBcode BBcode for your WordPress Blog, but with an easy to use editor.
Quote Rotator Creates widget for adding quotes (or other content) on the sidebar. Content will rotate through.
Invite Friends This plugin give the ability to anyone how registered to your blog, to invite more people, even if the registration is closed.
wpSearch wpSearch is a very powerful search plugin for WordPress. It is based on the open source search engine “Lucene” which means its fast and relevant.
Organizer You can use this plugin to view, copy, rename, delete, resize image and get html code of files in upload folder.
PlugInstaller Install and uninstall plugins from your admin interface without uploading the plugins via FTP and automatically check for plugin updates.
MyCaptcha Allows you to display a captcha on your comment form to avoid spam.
Custom widgets With this plugin, you can configure where widgets are displayed on a per post or per WP Template(Using conditional Tags) basis.
WP-PluginsUsed Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.
Daiko’s Text Widget Adds a text widget that is capable of displaying php-code. Conditional tags are included to specify where to show.
WP-Crontrol WP-Crontrol lets you take control over what’s happening in the WP-Cron system.
TGFI.net SEO Override titles, descriptions and keywords with page/post level input. Designed for use with WordPress as a CMS with the blog not on the homepage.
List of Posts from each Category plugin for WordPress Displays a list of the post titles in each category.
Wp-UnitPNGfix This plugin includes the `unitpngfix.js` javascript file if the browser is IE6 or lower.
WP-Hashcash Client-side javascript blocks all spam bots. XHTML 1.1 compliant.
Downloads Manager This Plugin adds a simple downloads manager to your blog.
WP Easy Uploader Easily upload any type of content without the need for FTP. You can even upload plugin and theme archives, and the files will be extracted for you.
outbrain A WordPress plugin to deal with the Outbrain blog posting rating system.
diggZ-Et Automatically displays a “digg” button for each post. Full admin options available. Can hide buttons in several ways.
WP CSS GZIP and strip whitespace from your CSS files. Add specific CSS files to post/pages.
p2pConverter This plugin allows you to easily convert a post to a page and vice versa through an easy to use interface.
Google News Displays news items from selectable Google News RSS feeds, inline, as a widget or in a theme. Multiple feeds allowed.
Meet Your Commenters Displays web pages and social networks’ profiles of your commenters in the dashboard.
FV Community News Let Users Submit News To Your Site.
WP-Vidavee Easily upload and publish video in your WordPress blog.
Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes With Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes easily create unique color schemes for your WordPress administration panel and adjust to your preferences.
Site Maintenance Puts the site into maintenance mode by sending a ‘503 Service Unavailable’ status to all unauthenticated clients.
Quick SMS Quick SMS allows visitors to your blog pages to send you SMS messages direct to your mobile phone, wherever you are.
WP-ShortStat Track your blog stats. Visit Dashboard|ShortStat. Based on Shaun Inman’s ShortStat and Jeff Minards’s plugin wp-shortstat 1.2.
Galleria WP Galleria WP is a multi functional image gallery plugin for WordPress2.5. Galleria WP uses jQuery Javascript frameworks.
Favorites Menu Manager Control what goes into the favorite actions menu in WordPress 2.7+
SociBook Adding social bookmarking links to your blog!
Clker.com clip art Search and add Clker.com clip art images to your posts.
Auto BlogRoll Instantly generates a auto blogroll page for WordPress blogs based on the active theme.
Disable WordPress Plugin Updates Disables the plugin update checking and notification system.
Snow and more Snowflakes (and more) falling down your blog! Inspired by the unforgettable xsnow.
GoStats for WordPress Use the powerful GoStats counter and reporting engine in your blog easy to install. Now with Optional Map Widget!
Nofollow Case by Case Say no to nofollow but without losing control for comment links, pingbacks and trackbacks. Apply nofollow to your follow links wherever you like.
WP Opt-in Collect e-mail addresses from users with a simple form. Send them an e-mail automagically.
Shockingly Simple Favicon A shockingly simple favicon for your site. Put a favicon in your site without messing with themes code.
WordPress Multibox Plugin This plugin brings the great Multibox from phatfusion to your blog images.
Nofollow Reciprocity mproves your blog pagerank and search engines rankings (search engine optimization).
Anonymous WordPress Plugin Updates Anonymizes the data transmitted during plugin update check.
Berri Personalized Care This plugin for WordPress will give up to four personalized messages depending on the origin of the visitors of your blog.
Share+ by Grouptivity Not just another sharing plugin. Share+ gives readers a simple way to save, share and discover your top content with friends, family and co-workers.
LastPostsImage This WordPress plugin provides a customizable image always showing the last posts of your blog.
WP-Chop NEW! Customizable Chinese seal chop widget for WordPress. Any colors.
My Custom Widgets Plugin to create your own custom widgets .
Theme Switcher Reloaded Theme Switcher Reloaded is an updated and much improved version of the original themeswitcher. Comes with a widget and can also switch themes via URL.
TreeMagic-Cypress This software package is released by Ambient Webs LLC under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.
MEMEdex Polls This plugin allows simple embedding of MEMEdex flash polls into your WordPress posts, or into your sidebar, by using a short tag.
TimesURL.at Sociable Plugin Automatically add links on your posts to popular South African and International social bookmarking sites.
GZippy GZippy re-enables gzip compression under WordPress.

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