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OK, I just upgraded this blog from WordPress v2.6.5 to v2.7.1, and it was one of the easiest upgrades ever…thanks to Luke Gedeon. I thought that I could do an automatic upgrade from my hosting account, but it said that I could only upgrade manually. So I did a Google search to see if anyone had an “easy WordPress upgrade”, and low and behold I came across Luke Gedeon’s site with the answer I was looking for…How to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 – The easy way! I followed Luke’s instructions…and it was a piece of cake. The plugin was created by a very creative Keith Dsouza from Techie Buzz. Thanks Keith!

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Tutorial Video (this is a video tutorial of me upgrading one of my sites)

Below are Luke’s instructions…he said on his blog that anyone could copy them and spread the word, so I’m taking him up on it. Thanks Luke!

It is time to upgrade to WordPress 2.7

If you are like me you probably like to wait a few weeks months years to install the newest software. Upgrades take time, you have to learn new stuff, and new software usually breaks.

WordPress 2.7 is a little different. I have never seen software go through such a thorough vetting before release. Hundreds (possibly thousands) were testing this well in advance of release and multiple thousands were using it by the time of the official release.

All that testing does not make it any easier to install, though. Or does it? One of those testers built a plugin to make upgrading super-easy.

The WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin will take you through each step of the upgrade process. It gives you a one-click option to create backups then puts your blog in maintenance mode, installs the files, and finishes the upgrade. After installing the plugin, (plugins are much easier to install than the full WordPress application) you have 5-10 clicks and you are done!

So let’s get started:

  1. Click here to download the plugin.
  2. Upload the file you just downloaded into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Unzip the file. (If I have lost you at this point, let me know. This is different for each host, but I can help you individually. Just ask.)
  4. Goto your wp-admin and click the Plugins menu and the Plugins sub-menu
  5. Find “Wordpress Automatic Upgrade” and activate it.
  6. After activating the plugin you will see a pink bar at the top that says “Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version.
  7. Anybody care to guess what the next step is?
  8. Yup, Click on that link and enter the twilight zone.

After this you will have to click “Next Step” several times, and whenever it gives you a chance to download back-ups, do it. (two different parts need to be backed up) You will also need to click on the link to upgrade your database.

Please let me know who things work out for you. I want to hear all those, “Wow! That was easy!” exclamations. I also want to hear about any trouble  along the way, so maybe I can update these notes to make things even easier for others.


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