How to use Windows Live Writer on your WordPress Blog

Windows Live Writer is a tool I never really considered using with WordPress until I had a chat with some fellow developers at a Dallas WordPress Meetup. One of the developers said that all of his clients use it so they don’t have to actually log into the WordPress administration to post a blog. He said he’d rather keep them out of that area if at all possible, so as not to screw up anything.

Well, I began to think about what he said, and it sort of made sense. So this is my first stab at using Windows Live Writer to actually make a new post on my own blog to see how it works.

The installation of Windows Live Writer only took about 5 minutes, and the interface is really nice. Here’s a screenshot of the post I’m writing now.

Windows Live Writer
Screenshot of Windows Live Writer

I’m not sure just yet how this will come out in the blog, but it sure is easy to write, insert images and edit my post.

I can even insert a table into my post…think I’ll give that a shot now.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
test row 1 another test one more test
test row 2

Ok, that was easy enough.

There are also some plugins available for Windows Live Writer, but I’m not going to try that on this post. I’m beginning to get anxious to see how this will all look.

Think I’ll do another post later, and add a video into the post, or a map. This is pretty cool. If this looks good in the post, I can see why anyone would like using it as their main method of posting.

All for now! If you have experience with Windows Live Writer and WordPress, please make a comment below to tell us how you’re using it and what kinds of results you’re getting.


UPDATE: Ok, the post looked good after publishing, except the screenshot did not show up. It appears that I did not configure my FTP setup within Windows Live Writer.. I’ll do that later. So I uploaded the file via FTP and inserted the image. Also, the spacing between paragraphs was much bigger than what it appeared in the writer, so I took out the extra spaces. Other than that it worked just fine.

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