Deauxmain Group, Inc. helps small to mid-sized companies design, create and promote their image on the web. We see to it that your website gets found by using search engine optimization techniques that build your reputation with the most popular search engines.

Who is our Ideal Client?

People who are passionate about their business and their life. We like to work with people that energize us, which allows us to do our best work.

What is our Ideal Client looking for?

They are looking for ways to improve their business through the Internet, but also want control over the process of updating their website and content once the website it built. Our best clients know good advice when they hear it, and most importantly…they act upon it.

What do we help our clients do?

We help our clients get results. Whether it’s  getting ranked in the search engines, or figuring out a better way to start conversations with their customers, we can help them accomplish that goal.

What are our special talents?

Sales – we have a background of 25+ years in sales, so that’s a definite talent. You can benefit from our years of experience, and because we have a good understanding of the sales process, we can make sure your website sells.

WordPress – Our expertise is in how to use WordPress as a content management system, which also uses good search engine optimization techniques that will get your site found by your potential customers.

Joomla – Several of our clients use Joomla as their content management system, so we have developed the necessary skills and abilities that allow us to make the best use of this CMS package.

Graphics – Photoshop skills are a must when designing websites, so we are always learning new skills and techniques to give us the look you desire.

Search Engine Optimization – The reason we use WordPress and Joomla is that they work so well when it comes to getting your site found. They take full advantage of search engine optimization and allows us to get your site ranked quickly.  We can then show you how to continue adding pages and posts that are optimized properly.

How can I work with Deauxmain Group, Inc.?

Just fill out the information on the contact page and we will contact you for a free initial consultation to discuss your project. If you match our “Ideal Client” profile and we meet your standards of excellence, then we can begin work.

We hope to hear from you soon!
Deauxmain Group, Inc.

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